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Want to see a really killer website?

It's the last site you'll ever see...

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A woman's voice beckons from the computer. Images flash across the screen - parted lips, bound wrists, flesh. Her seductive tone summons you closer, inviting you in...

Do you want to see more?

If you click "yes" - and you know you want to - you'll be logged on to the internet site feardotcom.com, and the game begins. What follows is a miasma of hellish images that leave unsuspecting voyeurs suffering from morbid hallucinations and unspeakable terror.

Time's almost up

A brash young police detective (STEPHEN DORFF) joins forces with a beautiful, ambitious Department of Health researcher (NATASCHA MCELHONE) to find the answers behind the mysterious deaths of four people who each died 48 hours after logging on to the Internet site Feardotcom.com. What they discover is as mysterious as the deaths themselves - and more terrifying than anything they ever dreamed of.

Are you ready to watch?

Hemophilia Galaxy ~ Hemophilia

Any of several hereditary blood-coagulation disorders in which the blood fails to clot normally because of a deficiency or abnormality of one of the clotting factors. Hemophilia, a recessive trait associated with the X-chromosome, is manifested almost exclusively in males.

This community was created for fans (or otherwise) of the warner bros film, feardotcom. Discussion of the film and its related issues are considered on-topic - anything else isn't. If it's not in the interests list, chances are it's off-topic. If you wish to criticise the film, please ensure that you do so intelligently, "what a crap film" does NOT count as an intelligent contribution!

Please abide by the following rules
1. Persistent and severe personal flamers will be banned.
2. No spamming/irrelevant quizzes.
3. If you want to post a picture, please use the <lj-cut> tag.
4. Relevant websites (please remembr to <a href="wrap">long</a> urls), communities, books, etc. all appreciated.

Please note, if you are promoting a community or website I would appreciate a summary of why you feel it is relevent to this group.

The moderator reserves the right to remove posts deemed to be spam, offensive, or to be irrelevent to the community. Persistent offenders may be banned.

By joining this community you are saying that you agree to abide by these guidelines. If you do not agree with them, please do not join.

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