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The ad. sent to the film communities.

Having just created a community related the film feardotcom, I'm looking to advertise its existence, and I thought the best places to do so (other than the obvious advertising communities) would be to mention it in the film communities that I think it fits in with... however, since I'm not sure of the advertising rules I figured I'd be wise to just mention the community in passing, and then discuss the film itself. So here goes:

The film is, imho, a fascinating insight into possibilities surrounding some of the technology available within our world today. Now I understand that it is constantly compared to The Ring, and having something about the latter film I don't find it surprising - having not seen either edition of The Ring however, I can't compare them. Reading through the reviews in the imdb, it strikes me that many people who've seen feardotcom appear to have missed many of the important points within the story-line however - such as why the deaths take place 48 hours to the minute after the users have logged on to the site. Another point that struck me while reading the reviews on imdb was the perceived use of violent imagery within the film - now admittedly broadcasting such violent and agonising deaths across the web is a somewhat disturbing idea, I find the idea that people are willing (eager even) to watch such things even more disturbing. And there I go straying from my point... there was, imo, a lot _less_ violent imagery within the film than your (generic) average slasher type movie, mainly because much of the actual violence wasn't shown and it was left to the viewer to imagine where needles were being poked, etc.

I'm not a big movie freak and so don't know all of the 'classics', but if I was to compare feardotcom to any film (remembering that I've not seen The Ring yet and so other than the obvious comparisons I can't comment), I'd say it's the closest thing I've seen to Blue Velvet yet... and that film was (while absolutely brilliant) seriously disturbing.

I'm hoping that my advertising hasn't offended your community principles, and if so I apologise, but I do think this film deserves a community of its own and so I made one. Thank you for reading.
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